Whether you’re new to shooting or a licensed shooter, to join any Alpine shoot you must be a member of the Club. There are three categories of membership: Temporary Member, Associate Member, and Full Member. Fees can be paid up front or in instalments. Check the details, download the new or renewing member form, and pay online at the Alpine Armoury website.


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The Alpine P650 application form

Member application

New members’ application form

PR5 formats

Alpine rifle match formats


Alpine Pistol Rules


NRAA Standard
Shooting Rules


Police Firearms and Safety Guide

Ammunition Guide Purchase & Storage


The Alpine Hunters’ Code

Safety First
safety rules

The first rule of shooting is: Safety first, last and always.

Always treat all firearms as if they are loaded.

Keep your rifle pointed in a safe direction at all times.

Transport your rifle with the bolt out. Insert the bolt only when on the firing point.

Do not leave the firing point until your rifle is cleared and the bolt is removed.

Do not load your firearm until instructed to do so.

Wear ear and eye protection.

Follow the instructions of the range officer.

Store guns and ammunition securely.

Alpine Armoury
Alpine PRC Armoury

The Alpine Armoury website allows you to book Try Shooting sessions, pay membership fees and (if you’re an Associate or a Full Member) buy top-notch firearms, ammunition, reloads and accessories. Full Members can also arrange secure offsite storage for their firearms. Contact the club or see this link for details.

Rifle: How to Get Started

Please carefully read the section below that applies to you.


To shoot with Alpine (and receive safety and correct handling instruction), you will need to:

  • Become a Temporary Member of the club, then pre-book a shooting session. You can do both online at Alpine Armoury.

  • Download, print out and complete a P650 form from the Armoury website or this link.
When you come to the range, please be sure to bring:
  • Your completed P650 form. Note: YOU MUST BRING A COMPLETED P650 FORM EVERY TIME YOU SHOOT until you have a licence
  • Photo ID (driver’s licence, passport, etc)
  • The receipts of your online payments for your Temporary Membership and the shooting session you’re attending.

To enter the Anzac Range, you’ll need to show your P650 form, an NSWRA/Alpine membership card or an email from the Alpine Armoury to the guard at the boom gate.

For the locations of individual ranges on the headland, see the Contacts page.


The NSW Firearms Registry provides detailed information about applying for a licence and acquiring a firearm. The steps are as follows:

  • Ask the Registry to mail you a firearms (rifle) licence application form here.
  • Complete at least two supervised Try Shooting sessions (on two separate Saturdays) and pass a mandatory test. The test can be booked at the Alpine Armoury website. It is a closed-book test based on the NSW Police Firearms Users Guide. The Guide outlines what you need to know and gives sample questions and answers.
  • Become an Associate Member or a Full Member of Alpine. For details and to pay, visit the Alpine Armoury Memberships page.
  • Send to the Firearms Registry the completed application form and the signed certificate stating that you’ve done your supervised Try Shooting sessions, passed the test, and joined the Club.
  • Wait a few weeks for the Registry to give you the results of your application.

NOTE: Alpine also conducts Game Council R Licence testing. Ask about this on the range.

Pistol target shooting is a separate licence category (H). See the Pistol page for details.


You are welcome to shoot with us as a Temporary Member and then, if you decide to join the Club, become an Associate Member or a Full Member. For details, see You must bring your licence every time you come to the range.


You are welcome to shoot with us on the same terms as for NSW licence holders. If you have moved to NSW or are planning to move soon, you should apply as soon as possible for a NSW licence. Some steps in the application process may be waived if you have an interstate licence—contact the NSW Firearms Registry for more information.

How to Join Alpine

Visit, where you’ll find full details of our three membership categories, links to the necessary forms, and payment buttons.

Alpine Precision Rifle Club is a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee. When you join, you need to fill out a membership application form, which you can download here. You may email the completed and signed form to us, but next time you visit the range, please bring the original for our records, together with the required references.

Before being accepted as an Associate or Full Member, you must attend at least two shoots with our Club and either hold a NSW firearms licence or apply for one. Associate Members please note: You need to tell us which club is your reporting club (if it is not Alpine) and demonstrate that you are fulfilling the attendance requirements for retaining your firearms licence.

Full Members enjoy a wide range of benefits in addition to participation in our shooting activities. As well as having defined voting rights in a public company limited by guarantee, they

  • can attend up to five shooting sessions on a single Saturday for one $35 fee (which includes range usage fee and lunch)
  • can purchase discount attendance vouchers
  • are fully insured
  • have exclusive access to the Alpine Armoury
  • have discount access 7 days a week to the indoor range at SISC, Cecil Park, and
  • receive our emailed weekly newsletter, with updates on all Club activities

The best thing about Alpine is that we do everything possible to cater for the needs of all our members and we have a single agenda: the promotion of all forms of shooting activity and the development of marksmanship skill.

Shoot Safe, Shoot Smart

Like most sports, target shooting has rules. The most important ones concern safety. The basic safety rules are listed in the sidebar; more details and our Club rules are here.

All shooters should carefully read the NSW Police Firearms Users Guide, with special attention to Chapters 3 and 9 on Safety and Responsibilities. They should also download and read the Range Users Guide and the Guide to Ammunition Safe Storage, Purchase and Possession, both from the NSW Firearms Registry.

Competitive shooters should also be familiar with the NRAA’s Standard Shooting Rules, downloadable here or available in bound format in the NSWRA shop at Anzac Range.

Target shooting is a big tent, with something for everyone. Stay safe and happy shooting!