Whether you’re new to shooting or a licensed shooter, to join any Alpine shoot you must be a member of the Club. There are three categories of membership: Temporary Member, Associate Member, and Full Member. Fees can be paid up front or in instalments. Check the details, download the new or renewing member form, and pay online at the Alpine Armoury website.

Alpine in Action

A brief intro. For large view, see YouTube link.


Upcoming shoots are LINKED BELOW AT "HERE" Secret Link Below
The weekly club newsletter has further details. It is updated every Friday and downloadable HERE.

To receive the newsletter by email, please email us and type “Alpine newsletter please” in the subject header.

SISC Closures

The International Shooting Centre at Cecil Park is upgrading its targets system. Rifle and pistol ranges will be closed for extended periods until March 2018. Check link for current opening hours.

Alpine Hunting & Target Shooting Club has it all:

Alpine point

a single shooting club at an outdoor range

Alpine point

with rifle, pistol, shotgun shooting AND hunting

Alpine point

a full day of competition on Saturdays at Malabar

Alpine point

range access 7 days a week at Cecil Park, and

Alpine point

membership levels and fees to match your needs and budget.


WHERE: We shoot every Saturday at the historic Anzac Rifle Range at Malabar, and hold regular shotgun comps at Sydney International Shooting Centre, Cecil Park. Alpine members are also welcome to shoot as guests with affiliated clubs.

WHEN: Saturday, from 9.25AM to 5PM. There are several events at Anzac Range throughout the day, including centrefire, rimfire and pistol. See our Calendar for more details. There are two shotgun meets a month at SISC, and Full and Associate Members have discount seven-day access to SISC’s indoor ranges.

Hunting trips are open to Full Members only.

HOW easy is it to join? To shoot with Alpine, you need to be a member. There are three categories of membership. If you don’t have a firearms licence, or if you have a licence and want to see what it’s like to shoot with us, you can become a Temporary Member for a month for a one-time fee of $11. You then book and pay for individual shooting sessions. If you decide to get your licence and shoot with us, you’ll need to become an Associate Member or a Full Member. For details, and to join and book, visit Alpine Armoury. Before you do, click on the Rifle or Pistol tab above for full info on what to bring to each shoot.

WHY try it? Shooting is fun and endlessly challenging, and our members think that the more kinds of shooting you do, the better you get at all of them!

Get it ALL with ALPINE.

We aim to be Sydney’s best.